a goregous girl with tons of friends and all the guys crushing on her. she has beautiful eyes and she is the life of the party the popular girl, the girl you wish you were!!! she has the cutest outfits and shes reallly funnyyy!!! and always goes above and beyond. reese your beautiful and i love u. just give me a chance plzzzz!!!!!! <3
"Reese is so prettty! can i look like her somehow????"
by thesoccerboy January 10, 2012
Top Definition
a person who is incredibly insightful, powerful, extraordinarily driven, and loving.

this is a person who is there for you if ever and whenever you need him.

he is always level-headed.

he has beautiful eyes.

his heart is made of gold.

he farts a lot with the heater on and windows rolled up. RUDE.

in short, a reese is a person you always want in your life.
"I HATE when you pull a reese in the car! It smells like eggs."

"You were such a reese tonight! I love you HONNNEYYY" to be said to a significant other after a good meal, a good date, or good sex.
by Mergen February 02, 2009
Reese is a humorous girl who knows when to be serious and when to be responsible. She knows when to be girly and tomboyish. She's the type of girl who likes to let loose and hangout. She changes her mind a lot but whatever she chooses is a good decision. She is emotional but not sad because of deaths or if a friend is moving but most the time is when she's upset and she makes friends very easily.
Sally and Tina: "Hey wanna go hang out with Reese? i'm in kinda the dancing kinda mood."
by artluver123 June 24, 2011
The most fantastic guy you could EVER possibly know. :) you're lucky if he cares about you, and you've gotta be something special if he does. His eyes ARE beautiful, but his heart even more :) He's romantic with his girl, but tough as steel with the guys. Truely the most wonderful person to date, or be-friend. He's a giving lover ;) and an able friend. He's always there for you and always will be. If you can earn his trust, you know you mean alot to him, so don't abuse it, and don't hurt him. Or you'll have the wrath of A LOT OF PEOPLE (including me) on you. Not only is he the best kind of friend, he is my Best Friend. :D <3
Girl-- Reese was such a sweetheart lastnight! Is he at school today?

Boy-- Yeah we hung in gym :) That kids suhweeeettt!

Reese-- Hey dear I missed you already!! Hey dude, sup?!
by JohannaMarie<3 November 27, 2011
Reese is a girl who knows how to have fun. She is beautiful but she doesn't know who she is yet and she might lie a lot. But she is caring and she loves everyone she meets, if they treat her right. Reese loves acting. And it's because of this that she isn't your average girl. She is strange but not stalker strange. She loves being crazy. If you love her and she loves you, then you better be prepared cause she isn't one to back down. Reese is a badass. She isn't afraid of anything. Reese hates liars and she loves her friends. Reese is very indecisive. Reese may be a badass, but she is very sensitive and make one move to hurt her, and she will break your face. She loves guys with blonde hair and blue eyes. People pick on her. She goes through a lot in one day.

1. "Reese is so weird but she really knows how to have fun!"

2. "Damn Reese is weird. She is like a retard or something."
by potatopie November 22, 2012
A kind of candy, usually involving peanut butter. Two examples are Reese's Pieces and Reese's Peanut Butter cups.
Man, that Reese I had some time ago was GREAT! I wish I had another one right about now...
by Dark Chaos February 28, 2004
A commonly used bass synth sound in drum and bass music. It consists of two oscillators (usually sine waves or saw waves) in which one is detuned, so that the phasing of the two waves causes a "wobble" or "pulsing" kind of sound.
That reese was sick!, Listen to this reese bassline I just made, The reese is overused, just like the Amen Break!!!
by G. Khan August 02, 2007
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