A girl that can be energetic but relaxed at times in comfy sweats. Is very preppy and most of wardrobe is Abercrombie and Fitch plaid shirts. Friends with soccer players but is good at lacrosse. Likes texting but controls herself.
Dude, Reed just bought ANOTHER plaid shirt.
by theninjagirl4 January 22, 2011
A person with a small "male" profile
Look at that reed on that guy over there!
by Schmuckey the Ass Raping Eleph November 17, 2010
To be minimally hung. Typically, men with this name are also hermaphrodites. In rare cases, a reed will possess an entirely foreign sexual organ, alien to our planet and completely useless to the female, although quite stimulating among gay males.
I just had the worst sex ever. He was such a reed.
by oldjames198322 May 06, 2010
to snitch on somebody or something, especially one of your close friends.
Man, you just got reeded out yesterday by him.
by johndoe19 April 30, 2010
1. An insult. Can be used to an action, person, something said or something seen. Most closely related to stupid, dumb, asshole, or Idiot. Also can be used to call someone ugly.

2. A persons name. Has nothing to do with books. (but if you do know a person with this name, you can make fun of him in book-ish ways)

3.A really great college in Oregon.
"Did you see that guy?"
"Eww, he looked like a total Reed!"

"Reed, READ to me."

Reed College
A maga-Ginger. One who gains Ginger abilities in the night. Strongest during a full moon. A Reed can get sun burn from the moon on cloudy nights.
"Wow, that guy is such a Reed. What a douche bag."
"I hate Reeds."
"I can feel my Reed powers kicking in!"
by Matt, Reed, and Jake April 22, 2008
The word reed is fisrtly a water plant which grows on bank of rivers, but also can be used as an insult which is to call someone a (geek) or someone who is abnoxious.
"your such a freakin reed, get out of my life and shut up!"
"hey reed why dont you go and eat a decroded piece of crap"
by Adam Batty March 21, 2006

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