Someone who makes grand promises but fails to keep them. Someone you want to believe in but fails you. He is generally found hanging out with anybody and everybody because he doesn't know who he is. He takes up offers and falls through. Reed's are not to be trusted. They break hearts and tell lies.
Don't trust him he is as two-faced as a Reed.
If you get married make sure your spouse isn't a Reed.
by Queen Desdemona October 23, 2014
The most beautiful girl in the world. She is laid back and genuine. She is gorgeous inside and out and men seem fall head over heels for her. She is a male magnet and has the ability to have men eating out of her hand. HOT!
Damn, Reed looked hot as hell last night!

I am obsessed with Reed.
by theman9999hjg6655fhg April 28, 2011
A guy who jokes about a girl, but is actually very serious about her. Generally very smart, and has lots of acne. Not good at sports, but always makes people laugh.
"You see that guy? He's such a Reed"
"That lucky girl"
by tehbanaynay June 03, 2014
a pot smoking jew who is lazy.
look at that reed kid with his afro
by theunknowndog1 November 03, 2010
adj. short name for ridiculous
Henry: Yo Riley I am naked and eating!
Riley: Dude, you're actions are so reed.
by Nika is crazy! March 18, 2009
A piece of wood used on a musical instrument to make vibrations which produce sound. Some instruments that use reeds are clarinets, bass clarinets, contra, and saxophones. Bassoons and oboes use double reeds, which vibrate against each other.
"What are you doing over there?"
"I'm smoking reed..."
by sapphire22girl January 04, 2008
('Read) to Reed.
1:) To Reed someone is the act of taking someone's possion without permission. v.
1:) Why would you Reed my ring?
2:) Stop Reeding my stuff Maxene.
by dindsoe November 14, 2010

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