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A stupid boy who when excited, tends to "piss on their" girlfriend. Cheating, lying and a miserable cock are tendencies of the reeaz species. Also known as sperm duct or spee. Reeaz's often resemble a mix between shrek and donkey resulting in Shronkey! Reeaz's used to be fun but spending your time with a Reeaz nowadays is like drowning yourself in a piss stinking ocean of fire.
Phone Conversation:
(Margaret has been in all day, her phone rings. It is Reeaz)
Reeaz: Hey beeeatch, guess what I did today!
Margaret: What? (Margaret doesn't give a shit)
Reeaz: Oh, I just smoked sheisha with a bunch of slags, It was good!!
(Margaret, violently begins to jab a large cuticle remover into the screen of her phone)
Reeaz: What is that noise?
Margaret: Ohh...erm... it's my radiator.
Reeaz: what's wrong with it?
Margaret: ermm...It's broken?
(Margaret begins to piss herself laughing)
Reeaz: Kaay, i'm gone yeah.
by duttybeverly July 28, 2009
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