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Redonkulousaurus is an extension of the word "redonkulous," (popularized by the O.C.'s Seth Cohen) and serves to hyperbolize the already-supercharged fictional word. It was first used by Yula to describe her massive textbooks. Redonkulousaurus can be used as both a noun and adjective to describe something so utterly absurd, that it goes beyond the span of human imagination.
She has, like, $300 in her wallet. That's redonkulous.

Your mom is a friggin' REDONKULOUSAURUS. How many pizzas does she eat a day?

That textbook is REDONKULOUSAURUS.

by Yula M August 27, 2008
Noun - The most billy bad ass dinosaur ever. Its an omnivore, capable of eating anything that's redonkulicious.
Bob: "What do you think left this totally awesome prehistoric footprint in my living room, Phil?"
Phil: "Well Bob, if I was a bettin' man, I'd say it was a fuckin' redonkulousaurus."
Bob: "Yeah, Phil. You bet your sweet ass it was."
Phil: "Thats pretty fuckin redonkulous."
by The_otter_guy June 23, 2009

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