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When a group of rednecks back their straight piped, tuned diesel pickup trucks (usually cummins) up next to each other, put them in neutral and rev the engines. This usually causes them all to spew black smoke. The rednecks then roll down the windows and yell at each other and cheer.
Darrel, Billy Bob and Charles Ray all take their old cummins out and roll coal in that field behind my house. They have themselves a redneck circle jerk.
by nickl7878 February 22, 2012
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When two or more rednecks back their diesel pickup trucks up next to each other. After this, they put the trucks in neutral and floor the accelerator which causes large clouds of black smoke to gush from the exhaust. While this is happening the rednecks usually lean out their windows and yell and cheer.
Billy-Joel, Jerry-Lee and Pervis like to back their pickup trucks up next to each other and rev the engines-It's pathetic, its like a redneck circle jerk.
by nickl7878 March 02, 2012
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