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An old rusty school bus with no tires and just a few windows. This luxury item was either purchased at a junkyard or was acquired from squatting the land from a Yankee. Usually found in the front yard of a small-town or southern rural area.
Cory: Every morning this week on my way to work, I've driven by Gobbler's Knob and seen Bubba staring out of that Redneck RV. MaryBeth kicked his sorry as out of the double-wide again.

Jillian Paige: That fuckin' Ghetto Hillbilly should be thankful that he has that luxurious Redneck RV. That son-of-a-bitch shouldn't of knocked up MaryBeth's 15 year-old sister.
by Funkytown66 February 27, 2008
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