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A individual who is such a damn-ass hillbilly that they have been evicted from all the local trailer parks.
He now resides in the closest possible place they could drag the Double-Wide Mansion on wheels with his cousin Bubba's Riding Lawnmower.
Steven: I got kicked out of "GOLDEN ACRES" and "CASAS DEL AMIGOS".

Jimbo: You Ghetto Hillbilly. They kicked you out of the mexi-roll villa. Them illegals ain't even got no Green Cards. Where the Sam-Hell you and Bertha gonna live?

Steven: I'm livin' at the intersection of Hwy 99 and County Road 31. Bubba's fuckin' John Deere broke down on my way to the park. I was tryin' to squat on that fancy Government land. They's got toilets and showers. God damn Fancy-Pants Bastards.
by Funkytown66 February 27, 2008
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