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At their local track, during qualifying rounds, when they sit in a seat, when the car comes off of Turn 4 and goes into Turn 1, the people in the game must start to drink their beer or whatever drink they have when the car comes out of Turn 4, and keep drinking before the car hits Turn 1.

The first person to stop their drink when the car comes down their straightaway is eliminated.

The Advanced Edition is during a race. The people that are playing need to pick a certain driver to drink to. In this round, the first person to stop drinking down the straightaway OR after his car goes into Turn 1 is eliminated.
Prisoner: Why are you in jail, man?

Redneck: I was playing the advanced "Redneck Drinking Game" at Talladega. Sadly, my friend's car was too slow going down the straightaway and he drowned himself with beer.

Prisoner: Man...
by Eric Cardona June 22, 2013
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