A drinking game where you play Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2
1. Whenever a special infected is killed everybody drinks.
2. Whenever a tank is killed everybody finishes their beer.
3. Whoever startles the witch must finish their beer.

4. Whoever alerts the horde has to finish their beer.
5. If you get puked on you drink.
6. Whenever Louis mentions pills or Ellis mentions "his best friend Keith," you drink.
7. If you save someone from a special infected you choose someone to drink.
8. If you die you finish your beer.
9. If a jockey rides you, drink until you are freed.
10. If you assist an ally (pills, adrenline, healing) you choose to drink.
Me and my best friend Keith got destoryed playing Redneck Zombie Hunting
by CoachEllis November 05, 2011
A drinking game where you play Left For Dead 2 with your friends. Everytime someone kills a special zombie such as a smoker, spitter, jockey, charger, hunter, or boomer you drink your beer. If a tank appears and is killed, you chugg your beer.
My friends and I got really drunk playing redneck zombie hunting
by CoachEllis October 06, 2011

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