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The act of taking a can of Body spray,WD40 or any other flammable spray and spraying it on to a lighter making a blowtorch
My friend hank just made himself a Redneck Blowtorch
#redneck #red #blowtorch #blow #torch
by sdasdeawqqwqwqw May 26, 2007
The act of igniting one's own intestinal gasses for entertainment or survival.
Bubba: Hey ya'll...last night me an' Billy Joe Jim Bob got lost in the woods, so I had him light a fire usin' his redneck blowtorch

Skeeter: So.....that's how ya'll burned off yer eyebrow.
#redneck blumpkin #redneck #flatulence #red neck blowtorch #redneck blow torch
by Skyyza April 04, 2011
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