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The process of renting a movie from the automated movie rental store otherwise know as Redbox.
Hey, have you seen Dark Night yet?

Let's redbox it!
by srw4873 March 01, 2010
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When a movie that is in theaters is good, but not worth the 10+ dollars you generally spend to see a theater movie. This term is used almost in a manner to rate the movie, using Redbox as the alternative (a $1 movie rental redbox.com)
"Hey, was The Informant good?"
"It was good for a Matt Damon film but not $13 dollars good. I'd redbox-it"
by p-killa September 23, 2009
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a movie you would like to see but not enough to pay for a movie ticket.
that movie looks good but i think ill just redbox it.

i cant beleive i spent money on ticket for that movie, i should have waited and redboxed it instead
by charleyman101 January 06, 2010
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Referring to renting from automated DVD movie rental units called Redboxes. Redbox units are similar in size, and principle, to vending machines.
I didn't know that movie was out! Let's Redbox it!
by ladyathena January 07, 2010
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