Eat taco bell with hot sauce, and then immediately rub one out with a spit shine after.
Dan was so turned on by the fat, pimply drive-thru girl at Taco Bell that immediately after he ate his Volcano Taco, he hocked a loogie on his hand and gave himself a red-headed mexican.
by Taterbutthole January 11, 2010
Top Definition
Tanned-skinned, bright RED hair. cannot be ANYMORE sexier. very outgoing and very adventurous. They're caramelized skin with a dab of freckles and the luscious hair can only mean one thing-- SEX! dark brown eyes can intimadate a little but trust, they're softies at heart. Best friends you can have in the world. PARTY&SMOKING buddy furrsure! always down to have a GREAT time with whoever is around him. dance bug. most common way to describe a redheaded mexican is basically a "blondie". they say the most randomest thoughts and can make you laugh for days. the only thing left to say about mexican gingers is that they're the best flavor you can ultimately choose from the liter. <3
wheres the redheaded mexican at?
by deeeelicious April 15, 2011
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