The most loyal, faithful fans in the world. Actually know what baseball is and live their lives by it... something that cannot be said for the New York Yankees' "fan" base.
Member of Red Sox Nation: "So, who's your favorite player?"
Yankee Fanboy: "I like Derek Rodriguez, the Yankees left baseman."
Member of Red Sox Nation: "Shut the fuck up dumbass! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA."
by ARandomHeretic September 18, 2006
sore losers

just because they won once in 86 years they think they are the best

Red Sox Nation:Yea we are better than the Yankees every year

A Sane Human being: Ummm, but havent they won like 20 more world championships than you???

Red Sox Nation:.........
by red sux April 14, 2006
A dillusional group of fans that actually thinks Boston Redsox will win the World Series this millenium.

A dillusional group of fans that thinks the Redsox can beat the New York Yankees in a meaningful game in October.

A group of fans that believes a curse from Babe Ruth has beset their team.
Favorite words for members of Redsox Nation to remember,"1918","Babe Ruth","Bucky Dent","Bill Buckner",and "Aaron Boone".
by No-No Nanette July 25, 2004
A term of pride OR an insult, depending on your professional sports team allegiances.

1) The big chunk of land located east of New York that contains millions of heartbroken sports fans come October.

2) A collection of eternal losers who somehow keep the faith every season.

3) A collection of eternal losers in general.
1) It's good to live here in Red Sox Nation.

2) Red Sox Nation will keep their spirits up regardless of their bad fortune.

3) Those freaking idiots in Red Sox Nation need to get a life already and root for the Yankees.
by Ashley the Penguin November 15, 2003

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