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A song by almondroca and lucka pucka.

as well as...

A hot beautiful lady who laid out in the sun too much and is completely burnt. Therefore only attracting low life's.
Dude 1: dude i saw this fine ass red skittle today.
Dude 2: oh shit man, she more skittle than red.
Dude 1: nah she hella red but imma go get some jeah!
by almondroca December 30, 2011
A girl who loves and is willing to give a shot to a bad pun or pick up line.
Cheesy dude: "Hey if you were a skittle, you'd be a red one."
Girl: "?"
Cheesy dude: "Because I like red skittles"
Girl: " You're way to awesome for words! "
by Locolobo May 05, 2016
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