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An evil supercomputer which makes an appearance in the Resident Evil movie.
"Who's the Red Queen?"
"State of the art artifical intelligence. She is the computer which controls the hive"
by ReD queen November 27, 2004
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A super bitch. Very polite and completely evil under a "looking out for you" guise. Will stab you in the back, just to get you to turn around so they can stab you in the front.
The boss pulled a red queen on me today, calling me up in the meeting and then criticizing my presentation as if I were a 12 year old.
by Sooxie March 11, 2009
A Goddess, a very beautiful, intelligent and powerful young woman who deserves to be worshipped and treated like a princess. A woman with almost divine attributes who needs to be served and obeyed.
I dream about Redqueen every night.
by Patrick1234 March 02, 2008
I was watching my buddies play C.O.D., and one of my friends got a one shot, sniper kill to his opponent's head. I saw this great shot and I thought about the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland that would yell, "Off with his head!"
So a Red Queen is when someone simply gets a one head shot kill with a sniper rifle, and it's "off with his head!"
Guy A: "Dude, I didn't even see you! How did you kill me?"
Guy B: "I Red Queened you from the upstairs window."
by Mr.Clean0624 August 13, 2011
to start out as a promising, incredibly attractive red headed female, meet success and turn into an anorexic coke sniffing rude shadow of ones former self while having delusions of royalty
When i saw the red queen on the movie poster for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, I went into a trancelike state and nearly killed myself trying to give myself fellatio
by TinoFett June 08, 2006
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