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A feeling of extreme competitiveness or anger that temporarily clouds one's judgment.
When that guy cut me off, the red mist washed over and all I could think about was catching him.

Put a bunch of buddies on fast bikes and just watch the red mist rise...
by gpTT January 10, 2004
to see red mist- a condition certain people get into- usually caused by mental conditions but can be brought on by extreme stress/anger- when one is extremely angry there is stress put on facial muscles. the mark for one losing control of themselves and raging, destroying things/people in their vicinity, is when internal blood vessels in or near the eyes start leaking. the blood can sometimes spill into the inside of the eye, causing the person to see everything through a "red mist", hence the name. at this point, however, the person is so angry that they completely lose control and essentially go insane for a time. the condition naturally causes the person's eyes to turn red, which makes the experience for a bystander go from quite frightening to positively terrifying.
Chris was so enraged at the abuse of his lover that he saw red mist.
by foehammuh March 13, 2010
Military word: when a sniper shoots someone in the head.
red mist is the term for head shot.
Did you see the red mist
by gutterviller December 04, 2011
a phenomenon that occurs in the period following somebodys anger begiining to subside. A persons anger leads to a condition known as 'the blood being up'. At a later point, when the blood settles again, it descends in a fine red mist. the quantity of blood will depend on the number of people whose blood was up. this phenomenon is often confused with the aurora borealis. i.e. on a tuesday night after a championship match the previous sunday, it is most common.
jeez, whats up with Tommy Pat?
Ah, thats just the red mist. things got a bit het up between him and Mikeen Joe earlier.
by Dex18 September 08, 2010
Military: What happens when you step on a landmine.
Couple a' gooks infiltrating the perimeter wire turned into red mist...
by Slag Hammer December 28, 2003
When a woman is on her period. She then queef's leaving a Mist or Splatter in the surrounding area.
"I am on period. Don't make me red mist you"
"Dude!, I made this queef last night. I got red mist all on my face."
by Elmoxe November 23, 2011
when a woman, while on her period, queefs. This ejects a red mist, sometimes onto the face of a sexual partner.
John: How was your time with Sherry last night?
Bob: Amazing! I've never tasted such great red mist before!
by Lilgav April 21, 2011
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