another word , for that time of mounth
damn , im on my red dot
by maggie May 28, 2003
anyone is working to perpetuate sexual assault whether getting members of the opposite sex intoxicated and tying to take advantage of them or normalizing sexual assault by using words such as rape in a sentence when it does not apply
John was a red dot when he took advantage of Kelly while she was drunk.
by Flyer12 August 24, 2008
Eastern Indian female with a 'red dot' on the forehead
Damn, they got another red dot working the midnight shift at the 7-11
by Bonita B. Pigsty August 03, 2003
After giving your girl a good rogering in her hiney, You spread her buttcheeks and press her ass against a pain of glass thus creating the apperance of a Red Dot.
I was analy penatrating my girl last night and gave her a Red Dot.
by Johnny Wad The Second July 12, 2006
A liquor store, convenience store, or 7-11/equivalent.
Yo, let's hit up the red dot down the block and grab a bottle of Jack.
by hellmaster October 05, 2005
Person of Eastern Indian decent often used for target practice by gangsta's in the hood. The built-in bullseye makes an easy target.
Yo, Jamal, you nailed that one right on the red dot!!!
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
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