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Fictional card you "throw down" to your friends to initiate a no questions asked go out and get bombed no matter what kind of night. Typically you get one per year within a group of friends.
I don't care if its Tuesday and everyone has 9 a.m. class, my girlfriend just broke up with me, I'm throwing down a Red Card. Bust out the Jager!
by fluffhead1999 May 05, 2009
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The ultimate goal of Target's disillusioned LODs and GSTLs who whip their cashiers with spiked belts at every prompt to try to enforce their will against unsuspecting customers.

Usually the result of a life of shit, failure (i.e. dropping out of college, high school, getting fired out of a more prestigious position), and overall the ultimate fear of losing their job even though they're already working under shitty conditions at little over minimum wage.

Victims are usually high-school students with potential or mentally retarded and morbidly obese individuals that can't find a job anywhere else.
I just started working at Target a week ago, and this nasty bitch with crooked teeth and a terrible lisp told me that if I don't get redcards, she'll murder me and rape my family.
That hurt my feelings, (so I yelled 'This is SPARTA' and roundhouse kicked the b*tch and got the fuck out of there).
by Knick Nack Paddywack August 27, 2008
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A statement used as an indication that another's action or statement immediately preceeding it sharply goes against the social norms of the group. The act must be of such an extreme nature as to cause hysterical disbelief or revulsion among members of the group. Obviously this is much stronger than calling a yellow card on someone.
"Yeah, she was so hot, I was ready to jump all over that."

"Dude, that's my sister, and she's only 15- Red Card!"
by Ben December 28, 2004
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A girl gives a guy a red card when she has sex with him and doesn't tell him she's on her period.
My girlfriend gave me a red card last night. I had no idea she was on her period til i pulled out and freaked out.
by theclew July 17, 2013
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A membership card for the union, Industrial Workers of the World
"Does that guy have a red card?
"Nope, he still thinks that politicians will change things.
by wobbly February 01, 2004
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