Blood of gods..Tastes like Oblivion(in a good way...not like what Doc said in an Red vs Blue episode,Liquid Shwartz
"They will all taste oblivion..which tastes just like Red Bull"
by TOC TM OS June 28, 2004
"The Breakfast of Champions!"
I woke up this morning after 3 hours of sleep and felt like shit, so I cracked open a can of Red Bull!
by Dandjny3169 February 02, 2010
Energy drink sold by Red Bull GmbH. One of the most well known energy drinks avaliable.

a can of Red Bull costs $1.03 more then a can of Monster Energy drink , despite being half the size of a can of Monster. some see this as a good thing because less calories are consumed (a can of Monster contains 2-3 servings which amounts to 300-400 calories per can. An entire can of Red Bull contains 110 calories)

Red Bull is frowned upon by some people due to the risks it presents from the high levels of caffeine and ingredients like Taurine-just drink it in moderation and you're fine
Red Bull Gives You Wings

Debbie drank a Red Bull while studying for her History final
by repoed2 January 12, 2009
A drink now so commonly mixed with alcohol that some bars end up using nearly 100 cans of it a night. As an alcoholic beverage with ice is referred to as "on the rocks", a beverage mixed with Red bull is described as "having wings."
"I'll have a glass of Smirnoff and Red Bull on the rocks please".

"One Smirnoff on the rocks with wings. Here you are sir"
by ty-dog August 27, 2006
Energy drink containing Taurine, owned by a Thai company and made in Austria, the U.S. and several other countries, very expensive in the first world.
"When I go to Thailand, I'll buy 200 bottles of Red Bull to take home!!"
by xanlixanli August 14, 2005
Best beverage I've ever tasted (and I've tasted many tropical and non-tropical beverages). I can't go a week without them. Although I will admit, if you like it it's extremely addictive. It's more addictive than cigaretts or weed.
Can you give me $2.20 to get a Red Bull? I'll find it in the enery drink section.
by Dinoman March 10, 2005
The creature that drove all the unicorns into the sea. Owned by King Hagard.
King Hagard got the Red Bull to drive all the unicorns into the sea, so it would make him happy.
by Bogswallop November 03, 2006
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