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When after sex the man pulls out and discovers both his Johnson and nuts are throughly drenched with period blood.
Guy: O' fuck baby i think I'm gonna puke
Girl: Why?
Guy: You gave me a red tiger!
Guy: Your bleeding out your vag bitch!
Girl: Fail
by Pappa Sampson December 03, 2009
The sexual act of pulling your drenched wang out of a bloody vag on the rag & cock slapping the woman relentlessy leaving bloody red pecker tracks in the form of tiger stripes all over her her body. Derived from the red tiger camo of call of duty: modern warfare 2...
Bitch thought bein on the rag gave her the right 2 talk so I pulled out & gave her the red tiger.
by ^*5*3*|<*5*|-|*|_|*|\|*=*8*^ July 02, 2010
A group of highly organised terrorist, found now only in the southern hemisphere, so called since they are agressive communist
My Father turned out to be a member of the Red Tigers
by Slue Cropsy October 03, 2003
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