To pass or send an object, document, image, etc., either physically or via the internet. From the childhood game where children link arms and call one another to join from one side to the other, but with objects/documents or similar things.
One: "Why didn't you make it to class this morning?"

The Other: "I rather not say. Can you red rover me the notes I missed?"
by edubblu March 22, 2010
Top Definition
Children's game in which two teams are formed, each team links hands with their teammates. Then one team calls out "Red rover, red rover, we call (player's name) over" or something like that to the other team. Then the person's name that's called tries to break through the chain the other team made. If they failed to break through then the team gains control of the player. If they suceeded then the payer get to pick which side he/she wants to join, that side also gets the part of the chain that got broken off. Then it goes back in forth. Was popular in 1970's.
"Hey, wanna play Red Rover after school today?"
"If there's enough players."
by PeopleAwardsDropout August 20, 2009
(n.) Title, usually given to a male. Describes a person who only visits, texts back or phones after he is "called over" but never initiates contact.
"John acts interested when we talk, but he's just a Red Rover. I wish he would message me 1st for a change."
by ImproperFraction August 13, 2011
A swingers' party game in which groups are in different rooms, and individual players are called from room to room, usually in turn. "Red Rover, Red Rover, send _______ right over!"
When the red rover arrives, he or she becomes the center of the calling group's attention until the next call.

threesome group sex gang bangMFM FMFcircle suck
Example: My gf and I were in a great game of red rover at a party last night. We didn't see much of each other, but we both had lots of fun.
by Seven4U January 27, 2012
A man who only has sex with firecrotches
Andrew is definitely going to try to bang that firecrotch, Courtney, he is such a red rover.
by Ginger lovers February 16, 2013
When you are walking in the city, or any semi-crowded area, and people in front of you stop dead in their tracks to gawk, stare, chat, talk on their phone, take a picture...etc. therefore impeding your way. These people are often times aware of your presence and choose not move, or hear you ask them to move.
"We were walking down the street in NYC and there were Red Rovers everywhere."
by Heidiskiff October 19, 2015
to turn some out sexaully. esp. into another sexual orientation.
Barry: yo, i heard that they over in the apartment with Jimmy playin Red Rover.

Tommy: Damn, I knew that dude was gone (turn out) gay.

Elliot: Cant get no damn girls these days, man, all the (dykes) playin red rover and shit with the ladies

john: (straight up)
by The Army Brat April 14, 2010
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