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in reference to a girl who will under no circumstances cheat or even betray the trust of her boyfriend, husband, or partner.

the term is a reference to the American revolution and the Red coat loyalists, who remained on the side of the British during the period leading up to the United States independence.
Greg: Damn, Jenna is hot as shit. I bet you by the end of the night i'll have hit that.

Harvey: Unlikely, she has a boyfriend.

Greg: That didn't stop me last weekend with Laura.

Harvey: True, but Jenna's a red coat.

Greg: Fuuuuccckk
by The Campaign April 10, 2010
1. What American revolutionaries would pejoratively call the British army that wore bright red uniforms.

2. A British friend you want verbally poke.

British friend: "Biscuits are not suppose to be buttery pastries, they're suppose be hard crackers made for the tea time digestion, silly American."

American friend: "I made these for you! What? You don't like my biscuits? Ok, this means war, bring it redcoat."
by Ernesto Gluecksmann January 30, 2008
(n.) A British soldier. Memoir of the days when red coats were worn. This practise was ended during the Boer war, and was stamped out completely when Germany stopped world war one being a gentlemans' war
Look at the red coats!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
(Verb: 'to redcoat')
Redcoating is the act of groping, fondling, stroking or otherwise touching someone's arse unexpectedly and without invitation.
'Last Saturday, that guy followed me onto the balcony and redcoated me'
by Crazy Carol June 22, 2014
Someone who works for the British holiday camp company, Butlins. Typically chavvy, slightly gay, and prone to singing and dancing. They wear red coats, obviously.
The red coats were singing Barbie Girl all night!
by Nimbuspony March 27, 2008

(esp. during the American Revolution) a British soldier.



1510–20; red 1 + coat
Paul Revier: " The Red Coats are coming!!! The Red Coats are coming!!!
by Erock409 June 19, 2009
Fucking a british woman on her period
I picked up this chick from London last night, she was on the rag so I had to give her the ol' redcoat.
by Mike honcho July 17, 2012
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