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Sexual Move including a man and a woman with large thighs, similar to the shape and lustre of a "Christmas Ham".

How To create a Red Christmas Ham:
Both are butt naked, The woman sits down as the guy fingers her and slaps her large christmas thigh, she sucks him off as this happens.

When the ham is as red as possible its ready to be based. The man jizzes on her thigh, and rubs it into the deep red burning sensation.

Then Amputate the woman's leg and cook it in an oven, to enjoy a nice Red Christmas Ham!!
"Come on baby, I just want one porky Red Christmas Ham!"

"No Johnny! It's Degrading!"

"Shutup Bitch!"

Johnny then forces the Red Christmas Ham upon her and enjoy's a tasty treat later.
by Ten Sa Zangetsu October 27, 2008
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