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The junk of a tall, skinny, yet festive Morman man.
Hey Nicole, want to sample my Christmas Ham?
by Melnyk November 05, 2007
Used to describe a woman whose thighs and buttocks are so large, they do in fact resemble Christmas Hams. Beware encounter with Hams, as it might be a social buzzkill.
Did you see the Christmas Hams on that chick? Made me wanna hang my stocking, if you know what I mean...
an extremely huge ass on an ethnic girl. resembles the size of a Christmas Day ham.
Look, Adolf! That girl's Christmas ham is spicy!
by beandipsantana May 04, 2014
When a person is in the act of smoking the ganja, he decides if he wants to be as baked as an "apple pie" or as a "christmas ham"
Nancy, would you like to be as baked as an Christmas Ham, or an Apple Pie?
by Bazooka Bertha April 07, 2011
The act of fist-pounding during christmas or making a fist bump over something Christmas related.
Person 1:You're going to get the newest{insert game series name here}? CHRISTMAS HAM!

Action: *fist bump now*

Person 1 & 2: YEAH!!
by Mr6507 December 28, 2010