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Pronounced, rectal-fi. Meaning, to remedy a situation or problem by pulling the person(s) head out of their ass, thus seeing a clear picture of the remedy.
Hey Jim, I'm having a difficult time downloading the payroll information for our employes onto my computer!" "Oh hey boss, let me rectalfy the situation for you and plug your computer in!"
by CJ Slick October 28, 2013
To attempt to correct a negative situation, or a fight by sticking a booted foot or some other equally large or cumbersome object up the offending persons anal cavity.
Me: You better calm the fuck down before I use this size 10 to rectalfy the situation!
Asshole: Rectalfy...? WTF is that..?
Me: You see this boot, lets just say you don't want to know where it's going to end up...
by Shaun C August 08, 2016
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