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That lucky guy who has a wife or girlfriend that lets him get her up on all fours and proceed to play. He spreads her ass cheeks wide and applys his nose close to her balloon knot and slowly inhales the aroma of her stink star. Gentle licking and sucking causes her tastey gumhole to soften up as he prepares for penetration. Lubing up real well he inserts his rock hard cok in her anus and gradually pumps away building up too an awesome orgasm, dumping a massive load of man-goo deep in her rectum.
Dave: Steve, you ever had anal with Doris?

Steve: Man, I am her Rectal Spelunker and she loves it!
by The King Cornholer April 06, 2008
An adventurous homosexual male.
Christopher is a rectal spelunker.
by scott777 March 17, 2008

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