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Otherwise known as Bank Holiday Monday for us Brits.

When your boss announces that a Bank Holiday Monday is coming up or you notice it on your calendar you proceed to contact your mates to arrange a massive party or pub crawl for the whole weekend, this will result in mass injury to the brain and liver forcing you to spew your guts up in your bed or couch the next day in an attempt to regain your perception of the world. This day is called recovery Monday.

Recovery Monday is a safe haven from the stresses of every day life and when announced you can't help but feel relief and anticipation for a good weekend free from the burdens of your job and the daily grind.
Man 1: Bank holiday is coming up!

Man 2: Recovery Monday is in order I think.

Man 3: Let's have it large you bunch of cunts!

Man 4: Oh no, I've got to go on a picnic with the wife and kids on Monday...

Man 1, 2 and 3: Don't forget to pack your tampons you pussy.
by Subtle- March 22, 2011
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