The long struggle (ending in 1492) during which Spanish Christians reconquered the Iberian peninsula from Muslim occupiers.
Columbus finally sold his plan to Isabel and Ferdinand, the monarchs of Castile and Aragon, who had married and united their kingdoms. In 1492, the couple had succeeded in conquering Grenada, the last Muslim-controlled province in Iberia, ending a centuries-long struggle known as the reconquista.
by HistoryNerd94 January 01, 2012
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1. The term for a war of "re" conquest of the United States, principally by chicanos and mestizos. It's a war fought by means of illegal immigration and resource depletion fueled by massive breeding of children in the target country, obligating local, state and federal social support systems to support the invading force.

2. A covert war fought by a nation of people too chickenshit to fight as open aggressors.
"Viva la Reconquista!" Miquel cried as he conceived his seventy-third anchor bastard.
by Victor Meridian August 07, 2009
(noun) Attempting to hook up with a girl again after a long period of time has passed
-You're coming back to Boston this week? That's awesome. You should call Cat.
-I had no business grilling her the first time, and I haven't spoken to her in two years.
-All the more reason to go for the reconquista, bro.
by Jazzerino March 07, 2011

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