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the ultimate MMO FPS player ever.
If you ever face him in-game, just run for your life.
John: Did you know who is RecklessX?
Doe: Yea, He's the Greatest MW 2 Player ever. You'll get your ass kicked if you said that in game
John: have you ever face him?
Doe: Yea, one time, i've got pwned all over the time..
he's Cool
John: Wow..

Jane: Hey, Britt! I've meet RecklessX Yesterday!
Brittany: for real?!

Jane: Yeah! XD
Brittany: did you have his hand signature?
Jane: No, i've asked him to sign my paper, but he's refused.
Brittany: oh.. too bad..
Brittany: He's so cool when playing MW 2
Jane: Yeah!!!
Jane: i'm his biggest fans!
Brittany: No! I'm his biggest fans!
-and the fight continues-
by RecklessX July 01, 2010
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