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1. An insult. Often used as a synonym for the word "faggot", though it doesn't necessarily pertain to homosexuality.

2. Having a lot of semen ejaculated on ones face (often involving multiple men). Doesn't necessarily pertain to homosexuality.

3. A good punch dance session.

4. Used to describe how a band performed live. In this instance meaning exciting, etc.
Ex 1. Dude that's gay, stop being a reckface.

Ex 2. Josh sat there as 10 men ejaculated on his face. At the end of the whole ordeal he had a reckface.

Ex 3. Dude, bro that was a really awesome punch dance routine you did out there, you totally reckface.

Ex 4. Dude, did you see Emmure? Yeah man I just saw them, they totally reckface last night.
by XxxBroxxX January 18, 2010
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