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The team you start to root for after your home team is knocked out of the playoffs or if they just suck.
Guy 1: I can't believe the ravens lost to the steelers

Guy 2: Yeah same here. The Jets are my rebound team because they play the steelers next
by demonpr22 January 16, 2011
A group of back up booty calls a person has when the main booty call doesn't pan out.
I was supposed to meet with Chrissy later tonight, but she cancelled. So I just ended up calling one of the girls from my rebound team instead.
by Zay Forever February 16, 2011
1. A team that you cheer for after your team is knocked out of the playoffs or sucks so bad that they dont even make the playoffs.
2. Something that is never needed if you are a Steelers fan
1. Since the Bears lost, I guess I will have to choose the Steelers as my rebound team since they play the Packers next.
2. I love being a Steelers fan since I never need a rebound team and my team becomes everyones rebound team!
by motha fucka 223534 January 24, 2011
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