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The team you start to root for after your home team is knocked out of the playoffs or if they just suck.
Guy 1: I can't believe the ravens lost to the steelers

Guy 2: Yeah same here. The Jets are my rebound team because they play the steelers next
by demonpr22 January 16, 2011
When someone complains about their privileges. Usually someone who is rich and lives in a first world country.
Jim: I cant believe my parents wont let me get madden 12 for my ps3

Jeff: I dont want to hear your Bourgeoisie Blues. At least you have a ps3, unlike children in africa.
by demonpr22 October 02, 2011
Boning a black guy. This was her first workout video predating the "Fit in your Jeans by Friday" ones.
John: Hey Sally! Are you ready to go workout?

Sally: Sorry John, im still sore from doing the Kim Kardashian Workout last night

John: ...
by Demonpr22 May 07, 2011
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