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This refers to when you beat up someone that you had already beat up recently.
I knocked that asshole the fuck out and then i shouted at his unconscious cunt to apologize!..but he did not answer so i had to rebeat his stupid ass!!
by ZCMC March 10, 2009
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1 Shortly after having vigorous sex, returning and beating it up again.

2 Shortly after kicking someone's ass, returning to whoop them again.
1 "Man, that girl last night was so good, I had to rebeat that shit like six times!"

2 "Even after I layed him out, that guy was still talkin' trash, so I had to go rebeat his ass. This time I really balled him up so he would keep his mouth shut!"
by Nullpersona January 06, 2008
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The act of looping your favorite porn scene to allow you to "knock one out" all the faster
Man, I was so Shit-Housed drunk last night I to re-beat to that Jenna DVD
by henrymorgan October 01, 2007
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