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To go back to bed, especially after a long night of carousing.
Last night was epic. Yeah, I need to rebag.
by 3birds May 19, 2010
The opposite of "douchetard". The word douchetard is a combination of douchebag and retard, therefore taking the 'leftovers' of those words (the bag from douchebag and the re from retard) you get a brand new word: rebag.

1. Can be used as a comeback from being called a douchetard.
2. To make someone who is a douchetard feel even stupider when they dont understand rebag.
3. For the hell of it.
You: Dude, you're a douchetard for doing that!
Me: Yeah? Well you're a rebag.
Everyone else: OOOOOH!!! BURN!!!!
by theczar88 January 12, 2009