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A high school in Burbank, IL with about 2000 kids. One fourth being Polish, one fourth Mexican, one fourth Arabic, and the last fourth mixed Caucasian, also, about 9 black kids. If you are either Polish, Mexican, or Arabic, you speak that native language, if your neither, your German or Irish and don't speak any other language than English. No matter what nationality you are, you have tremendous pride for it and utter racism towards the others. There is always someone you hate or who everyone finds weird, always, because someone will be a cocky jackass and just piss you off for some damn good reason. Everyday someone wants a fight to start in the cafeteria but the blueberries are so close over your shoulder they might as well dry hump you. The teachers are cool for the most part because you can sleep through the four years and still make it to Moraine. Most of the men teachers are laid back and funny as shit. While half the women teachers are pregnant and are married to the men teachers. Sports are pretty good here, the individual sports are better because teamwork is a stupid crackhead bitch here.
Student - "I can't wait to get the hell out of Reavis."

I go to Reavis High School and not Argo or Oak Lawn

RHS Conference Champs!!!!

The Honor Flag is being flown today for our swimming team who made it to the IHSA State quarterfinals.

*Newspaper Article* - "Reavis Downs Oak Lawn"
by MoraineProspect05 February 11, 2009

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