faking interest when you really don't give a fuck
- " my friends are coming over tonight"
- "really ???? "
by Pinkbits February 04, 2010
A word used in excess by jake, in a funny way to make friends and others around him laugh. Usually, taking the mick out of teachers after they have given a command.

.Teacher:Jake leave the room please!
by chris n January 18, 2008
1. An exclamation used when you can't believe that someone has said, asked or done something so stupid, or unbelievably stupid. Often said very sarcastically.

2. A brief way to question the integrity of a person or an act. Implies, "I am so unimpressed with this, and disappointed in you for doing such a thing."
1. This guy sat next to me on the bus and it was half empty! I'm a big dude with my broad shoulders and rock hard waist. I was like, "Really, man? Really?"

2. Dude, I think that chick is digging me. She's heeding to call of the romanatee.

Really, dude? Really?
by Criscipline September 23, 2010
In the current context, this word is mostly used in either in a sarcastic/rhetoric way, or to caption the obvious. The act of confirming something in such a way never made much sense anyways, but now it is used in a bitingly mocking way to degrade or undermine someone or something. This little remark goes a long way in insulting someone.
person 1: ermahgerd, did you hear that kim kardashian went... NAKED?!
person 2: *eyes widen* really?
person 3: *rolls eyes* really?
by YouGotAProblem February 24, 2015
An utterance of shear amazement at the complete lack of common sense or the complete lack of awareness of ones surroundings. Typically while driving.
(On cell phones)

Andrew: "So yo, homeslice, what you up to?"

Dave: "Just driving to work dealing with my daily dose of fuck nuggets... you?"

Andrew: "Yea, just han.... Really!?? I mean Really!!?? Am I fucking invisible dude!!? Pay attention to your surroundings you douche licking ass pipe! Yo, sorry man, just trying not to get run off the road.
by The Beezle June 14, 2011
You think what you are saying makes sense but you are clueless
"My kid was only in the room where they were smoking.... the drug test is wrong"

by kaoldd January 25, 2011
A Sarcastic way of replying to a situation or statement by another person. Taken from the SNL news skit by the name, REALLY!?! with Seth and Amy.
"An honorary degree from Arizona State is like getting an 'I Love Dad coffee mug' Does it really mean that much?" REALLY!!!

Dude, it's 70 degrees, do you really need a jacket? REALLY!?!
by ChrisDoc January 02, 2010

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