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See Carnie Wilson. A person who will go on any reality show to become and/or stay famous. Someone who will do and say anything on television or through the media to achieve fame and/or keep themselves relevant. Pseudocelebrity. Famewhore. Someone whose glory days have faded, who is desperate to cling onto whatever fame/attention they can get. Usually these types lived too high when famous and are now desperate to maintain that lifestyle, even if it includes making a sad spectacle of themselves in the process.
Carnie Wilson, uber realitywhore. Has whored herself out to well over a dozen reality TV shows, several talk shows as well. Talks about intensely private things and even includes her small children in her desperation for money/attention. Will stop at nothing to not have to have a real job.
by angelofdevs May 22, 2013
A person who is EXTREMELY outgoing and talkactive to everyone. The person often loves to party, shop, get drunk and use drugs. They hate not-so-outgoing people and they love to talk about "daily basis" things in life. They speak loudly about their dreams (often being a stripper, etc.) and in the end, they never achieve any of those.
Brittany (Blonde bimbo): "Ooh, we will have a BIG party this weekend, with 9000 guests! OMG! I'm gonna get drunk and dance on the tables!"

Brittany is a stereotypical reality whore.
by RealityWhore September 04, 2012
someone who starts off on one reality show, then gets casted for others before eventually getting their own.
Real & Chance are such reality whores.
by AJ23 January 11, 2009
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