One who has a strong view stance on Reality & Perceives it as such
Is that Glass half full or half empty? Dude, Who cares. It has water in it, i know cause i'm a Realist
by aCanadianGuyeH April 29, 2015
our lovely 1337 chat
Lloyd is a realist. Mr. Luke, or maybe Dr. EXIT, has brainwashed him. Alas, it is so pathetically sad that you can believe everything a guy with nose hair on the top of his nose says. I mean, come on, Lloyd, he didn't even know the right amount for STP.
by Fabio June 12, 2004
A pessimist in denial. Someone with an overwhelmingly negative view of the world and the future, but does not want the stigma associated with being called a pessimist, so they claim to view the world as it "really" is. Of course, in the eyes of the realist, it's never "really" good, it always "really" sucks.
Person A: You know, I hate people, the future sucks, life sucks and then you die. Might as well off myself right now.
Person B: Wow, you're a real pessimist!
Person A: I'm not a pessimist, I'm a realist.
by thealmightyseth February 04, 2011
Another word for "I'm a stuck up asshole." Usually used to emphasize someone's non involvement in something as well.
Person 1: I think defenses should try and take Tom Brady out of the game

Person 2: No, nobody can even get to Brady because the patriots are so great. I'm not a Patriots fan either. I'm just a realist.
by TheNoobAvenger November 01, 2007
Someone who does not believe in any religion. See also: athiest.
by Anonymous July 05, 2003
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