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A person who believes in facts to determine truth. Either deeply Objective or extremely Subjective.
Often used to describe people who'se political views hold no right/left-wing loyalty and instead use objective information in order to determine their stances on issues.
Also a term used to describe Atheists and Agnostics incorrectly. Realists are often Atheists and/or Agnostics because Theism goes against their nature to believe only facts and instead rely on faith.
Realists suffer from trust/confidence issues and are often apathetic because they uaually refuse to act without knowing the reprocussions beforehand. Realist's don't normally react well to society because of their refusal to fall under social categories and because their lack of trust in others often forms ego problems.
Non-Realist: "The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were our only hope to defeating Japan."
Realist: "According to General MacArthur, General Eisenhower, General Spaatz, Fleet Admiral Nimitz, and many other extremely high ranking US officials in charge of the pacific at the time both bombs were extremely unnecessary as Japan would have surrendered regardless. Actually the bombs played little effect as the Russians taking Manchuria is what ultimately made Japan surrender. The Atomic bombs were really nothing more than a giant war crime that Truman got away with."
by Castlequeenside December 21, 2006

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