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Amazing, Beautiful, Funny, Caring, and one of a kind comes to mind when giving a definition about a Realda. A person who is immensely beautiful both inside and out, A Realda is something everyone should aspire to be like but no one truly can be a Realda, as Realda is one of a kind. Being amazingly caring just explodes from within a Realda, A person who is always there and willing to help at anytime, making sure people she loves are okay and always happy. As well as being Beautiful a Realda is someone who is extremely funny, someone people love to be around and spend time with, a Realda never fails to put a smile on people’s faces around her. All in all a Realda is truly something uniquely beautiful and something impossible to find in just any person, all in all a Realda is something everyone would love to have in their lives and anyone would be lucky to know a Realda, they are truly and simply the best in the world!
You are amazing, just like a Realda.

You are so beautiful, you must be a Realda.
#beautiful #amazing #caring #unique #funny
by Mr.Fantastic.1993 April 28, 2012
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