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A self-proclaimed artist who has nothing original to offer and only reacts, negatively or hyper-negatively, to other forms of art, events in society and politics. A critic ashamed of admitting his/her true job description. A resentful twat who marks every new thing as either "been-there-done-that" or something of the form "kids-these-days...". A reactionary, but only limited to political context.
Abby: Have you seen Dave's comments on Rachel's troll-faced concert pics!! Burn!!
Daisy: Which Dave? The guy who blogs about every other thing???
Abby: Who else??!! He's the first to respond in any case!
Daisy: I know!! He's such a reactionist.
by abwolverine August 28, 2015
A person who does something just to see and get a reaction out of someone.
My girlfriend flirted with another guy just to see my reaction. She is so the reactionist!
by helimc November 18, 2010

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