The rules of shotgun state that the driver can call one "reload" when "shotgun" has been called. This word will, in effect, null out the previous "shotgun" call and allow a second calling of "shotgun", allowing another passenger the opportunity to call. However, if the original winner re-calls it, then he may sit in his rightful shotgun position.

Note: It can only be called once and only by the driver. Remember, its your only hope when the fat bitch that smells of fish has called it.
Passenger 1: SHOTGUN!!

Driver: RELOAD!

Passenger 2: SHOTGUN!!

(Passenger two claims shotgun position)
by Ara03aml December 14, 2006
when having sex with your partner, at the point of climax pull out and ejaculate on them, once the ejaculation is complete use your penis to "scoop" up some of the semen and flick it on them again while shouting in a voice loud enough to startle them RELOAD.
Ralph, "After Jamie and I had sex I hit her with RELOAD".
by champion_moore July 23, 2010
To vote in an election... apparently.
Get out and reload this November!
by Charles Shrugging Atlas March 31, 2010
the act of takin a pinch of tabacco..dippin it..takin it out for some reason..(not throwin it out)..but instead saving it for later and put it back in your lip.
hey kenny can i get a pinch of your snuff???
-idk if you want to bro i threw a reload in there

hey its time to eat
-i just put a dip in tho
well shit reload that bitch when u get done eating.
by christo23 May 30, 2009
Very good Metallica album.
guy 1:"Hey, man, you ever hear Reload?"
guy 2:"yeah. The Unforgiven II is awesome"
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
Is to open your mouth and say reload then take your middle finger and point at someone who you dislike and shoot with your thumb, like in a gun type fashion.
You know what, Reload!! Boom!
by afreaky March 10, 2008
metallica album that attracted a very large crowd of new wave listeners. whether that was a good thing or not.
metallica`s reload attracts emo people.
by diana the girl August 30, 2005
The Reload is when a chick is giving you head and you cum in her mouth. She takes it, shoots it out of her tear glads all over you, then licks it up. She takes your load, and reloads it back to you, then Spits it back at you
Your fuckin mom pulled a reload on me last night...why couldnt you do it too.
by Stephan Garcia January 19, 2007

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