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An up-and-coming boy band, ReConnected consists of three members, brothers, Harry Paul Mondryk and Max Alexander Mondryk, and their close friend Matthew Thomas Peter Fitzgerald. The three boys were first seen as Connected on Britain's got talent in 2010, along with twins, Ryan and Myles Connor. Unfortunately, the band split soon after the BGT tour. Now, the three boys have blossomed, and fans are currently awaiting the release of the ReConnected album, featuring all the original songs: ReConnected, Superhuman, December, Stranded, Wish You Were Here, and Seeing Stars. They inspired the 'new planking' Superhumaning.
Becky "They don't know, they'll never know just what we got..."

Anna "We've been a-safe for so long.."

Ocean "What song is that?"

Anna "It's December by ReConnected"

Becky "Why, do you like it?"

Ocean "It's amazing!"
by DaBoomBoomRC September 10, 2011
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