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For personal reference, rough draft jotters . Beebugged Cr. Healthyeating to divert 2 BBC og. on site.
by Hercolena Oliver July 07, 2010
Abbreviation of "Remedial".
Remedial classes are classes attended by students with learning difficulties such as down syndrome for instance.

Someone who is a spack,spaz,retard,downieetc.

An idiot or someone who does something stupid.
"That class is full of reme's."

"Yeah he's a Reme."

"Are you a fucking Reme or something?"
"HAHAHAHA-What a Reme."
by Mr&Mrs.Misterandmissus April 14, 2008
worlds largest and shortest nigger haitian of all time!
Kenley Reme is a fat shit!
by nazi January 31, 2004
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