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Deodorant used for the second time in one day for the purpose of freshening up.

One may use reodorant if he/she is in a rush or is too lazy to take a shower.
After track practice, Jim applied some reodorant to keep himself smelling fresh.
by jab4343 June 05, 2011
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Term referring to deodorant. In some cases much more accurate.
-What was that shit?! Some bufoon just walked by sportin' some rank reodorant!

by lambonini October 10, 2007
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To apply more deodorant to your armpits, of which have been completely overtaken by your nasty armpit stench.
Bro #1: Come on, Bro, we gotta got the Sarah's party!

Bro #2: Hold on, Bro, I gotta re-odorant my nasty armpits.
by lamalf July 18, 2008
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