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To wake up in the morning after a night of magical rainbow sex (back door loving) and tap into that hairy ass once again for continued chocolate friction pleasure.
Jeremy was abruptly awakened to being ass-pounded by Eric. "Damn Eric next time you want to re-butt me, ASK!"
by Barbicakes October 19, 2009
During some assfucking, moving ur dick from ass to mouth and back
Gerard took his dick out of the ho's ass and demanded a rebutt, she told him it was an extra 20 so he slapped her and told her she better suck that shit clean off, cause if he did't get his rebutt he was gonna have to slap her shit again, so she licked that shit right off is dick. Gerard was like 'Yizeh thats some good rebutt damn my dicks clean' Lets go on!
by robonky May 18, 2011
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