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n. A hot ass.
Razor2K3 is teh hottest ass!!!
by az71 September 25, 2003
7 5
jewish fatty
LoL _Razor_ is gay
by pi February 14, 2004
22 11
A guy with a pretty bleak outlook on just about everything ever.. a nice guy though.. with a sense of humor and a "no nonsense" attitude.
Dammit man.. Razor2k3 is strickt but fair.
by Mazzarin December 26, 2003
13 2
A Jew that lives in Israel. He denies the jew in him though. He likes metal and hentai.
Razor just sent me a picture of a snake in
Sailormoon's snatch! ROCK ON!
by dingle March 17, 2004
15 5
A jewish prick, who will soon hopefully die in combat.
hey man! stop being so razor2k3! fucker.
by The whole internet September 15, 2003
10 2
An idiot nazi who got hit in theh ead and thinks he is fro
"No you proved me wrong now i'll ban you!"
by existenzi October 11, 2003
10 3
He's the worst moderator in the world. And a fag.
by Fro September 10, 2003
9 4