A guy with a pretty bleak outlook on just about everything ever.. a nice guy though.. with a sense of humor and a "no nonsense" attitude.
Dammit man.. Razor2k3 is strickt but fair.
by Mazzarin December 26, 2003
A Jew that lives in Israel. He denies the jew in him though. He likes metal and hentai.
Razor just sent me a picture of a snake in
Sailormoon's snatch! ROCK ON!
by dingle March 17, 2004
A jewish prick, who will soon hopefully die in combat.
hey man! stop being so razor2k3! fucker.
by The whole internet September 15, 2003
An idiot nazi who got hit in theh ead and thinks he is fro
"No you proved me wrong now i'll ban you!"
by existenzi October 11, 2003
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