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Woman who keeps a dagger or knife in her vagina.
Kelly has a razor snatch watch out.
by SFHS Ray April 04, 2009
A vagina cluttered with multiple amounts of sharp and/or hazardous objects such as razors, thumb tacks, sand paper, etc. This is practiced by many self-conscious, outraged, psycho-cunted, teenage girls. Its effects can be felt during and after sexual intercourse by any male who made contact with such a snatch via their penis, tongue, or other body part. It also is considered a disease/disorder. Crazy, suicidal, pathological lying tit-kittens (teenage girls) often are labeled as "RazorSnatches."
1.) "That crazy blond-haired bitch sliced my cock'n'balls with her razorsnatch!"

2.) "In her pants lurks a razor clad beast!"
by Tanis K. Cassidy July 21, 2006
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